I’m Kate and I sometimes write things.

Let me introduce myself…

I Am…

I am
Confident yet I am often anxious and worry

I wonder
When we will truly be able to say the pandemic is over

I hear
And understand what birds actually say to each other

I see
The end of a rainbow

I want
To be able to visit the Maldives again and swim in the ocean with Dan

I am…

I am

I pretend
That Someday I will actually walk again

I feel
Happy that no one has ever proven that fairies do not exist

I touch
The fur of my much loved but missed pets

I worry
That my mum and dad do not get as much help as they should because I am not able to be there and my sister has moved away

I cry
When I see someone is lonely

I am…

I am

I understand
That apart from Dan and my family most people are going to disappoint me

I say
Believe you can do anything until proven otherwise

I dream
About many things though nothing in particular but usually with a surreal Twist

I try
To enjoy life as fully as possible even though it has limitations and is not the life I thought I was going to lead

I hope
I have not disclosed something in this poem which has changed your opinion of me for the worse

I am Kate

Note that these are my things and I am sharing them with you for you to read. I am not sharing them for you to copy in full or in part. If you want to reproduce any of my work then you must have my prior written permission.