79 years so hard to condense,

In a way to make life, and its inevitable end, make sense.

Why give us this Earth, and a role in its play,

When the same final scene, plays out day after day?

If this question were to fill all our thoughts without cease,

How would we find any solace, or find any peace?

But peace we must find and enjoy while we can,

The days we are gifted, as beast, woman or man.

While a day full of sadness, make it a day to be glad,

That Kevin will live on in our memories

as your colleague, your friend,

their son, her husband,

our dad.

2 thoughts on “A Day To Be Glad

  1. So beautiful Kate. Dad would have loved this from us his daughters and mum his wife.

  2. What a lovely photo of Kevin 💙 and such lovely, caring words from his daughter Kate. 💔

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