Her body abandoned by life, twisted with loss,
Memories faded by sun or buried beneath layers of dust undisturbed since when and why?
Eyes which look but don’t see,
Perhaps a blessing?

But music, this music which once possessed and elevated this vessel to heights reached by so few, ignites a flame.
A flame so small it could be missed but to those who look, those who really look it’s there.

And as these flames spread, the twisted branches unfurl and wings, wings clipped by their cruel fate, now reach for the light.

To a stranger this scene belies the truth.
Age at its best?
Youth long past replaced by elegant wisdom?

But look again.

Such is the cruel trick played on so many by a soul in whom they placed their trust.

Yet in this moment of inexplicable clarity and grace, as fleeting as the notes which carry her, she is set free and flies once again.

But as quickly as the performance began the curtain falls, the flame flickers and is gone.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


In 2019 former Spanish prima ballerina Marta Cinta González Saldaña was videoed listening to Swan Lake. The video was posted online by Spanish organisation ‘Música Para Despertar‘ (Music to Awaken), which promotes the value of music for those living with Alzheimer’s. As the music starts Ms Saldaña is completely transformed.