The winter was long,
Rain, floods, snow, ice,
Remains of autumn diluted then snuffed out on its watch.

After all of the loss could we not be spared a winter so harsh?
Again the numbers crept,
Slowly but recognisably up while we watched and held our breath.

And as we felt we could hold our breath no longer, a corner was once again turned and the Earth slowly exhaled.

As the regularity of life slowly returns, so do the seasons change and as though in reward Spring arrives.

A green shoot here clusters of white and blue delicate flowers there,

The deafening March chorus of birdsong welcoming longer, warmer days and the new life they hope to bring.

These events are not new.

These events are not unexpected.

These events, however, are now seen through different eyes.

Eyes which, while having seen things best forgotten, now linger a while longer on that dragonfly whose translucent blue wings seem more vivid than before and eyes which now take time to look up at the sky and allow the mind to drift while chasing clouds.

Spring always brings hope and a promise of new life and warmer days.

If recent times have taught us nothing else, take time to observe and enjoy what nature brings, because as soon as it is there it can be gone. Something perhaps many only now realise.

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Post photo by Harry Cooke from Pexels