Waking up from another nap I stretch lazily, open my eyes and yawn.

Below I can hear footsteps and voices, which confirms that the day has begun.

Yesterday was particularly noisy and every nap I tried to take was disturbed.

The bumbling, blonde haired, scruffy one was particularly excitable, inviting one after another human into the boardroom where loud bangs were heard followed by the celebratory chinking of glass.

I have not had much to do with the scruffy blonde one since he took over from the lady and I doubt I will have much to do with him either after they moved that scruffy dog in and the screaming baby. Not that I mind.

Yesterday there was not even peace to be had outside where the crowds of humans with their flashing lights had congregated again. I never understand why they choose to stand and jostle with each other for hours and hours outside despite the freezing temperatures just to shout random questions at those people who work with the scruffy one.
No one ever answers their questions anyway.

Padding silently down the stairs on this new day I head straight for the kitchen where I am met with the usual affectionate pat and am presented with my usual fresh fish for breakfast.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a brown flash of colour scurry under the cupboard door. As appointed chief mouser of the cabinet office I will deal with that later.

In the meantime I will finish my breakfast then decide how to pass the time today.

Perhaps a photo call with the waiting crowds outside if they are there again today, or perhaps just another day of naps.

I miss Palmerston who used to live close by in Whitehall. He wasn’t made of sturdy stuff like myself and he never really got to grips with the job in hand. I mean it made headlines when he caught his first mouse in 2016! I do regret the fight we had later in 2016. His ear never really recovered.

I think it was for the best when he retired to the Country in August this year. This year really did take its toll not just on the humans but also on us cats.

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