With her hand on the door latch she stands in the hall and with a look in the mirror asks ‘who’s fairest of all’?

Thanks to throw away fashion her days are now spent, shopping all latest threads, make-up, handbags and scent.

Adorned in these treasures her face could be seen, distorted by filters pouting out from the screen.

‘An influencer’ they call her quite why I don’t know, despite her lack of credentials her followers grow.

Seeing the likes and affirmations increase by the day, her sense of reality drifts further away.

Pandemics and wars and headlines at 6, are not on her radar while she collects clicks.

This fairytale however will come to an end, as with age her reality will start to transcend.

However until reality calls and she looks up from her screen, she will continue to live her life; The Kardashian Dream.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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