Dressed as a devil with revellers in tow, Trick or Treat was the game door-to-door they did go,

With all apples bobbed and pumpkins no longer alight, as witching hour approaches the children take flight,

With the fancy dress devil packed away til next year, Hallows’ Eve still continues as does children’s fear,

Tucked up in bed they dare not to sleep, as the Midnight Wall People start to twist and to creep,

With the bed sheets pulled high just under their nose, lying as still as they can with eyes tightly closed,

The shadows transform on this night every year, in all children’s bedrooms to fill them with fear,

Moving Shadows of branches and flickers of light, become limbs and eyes of witches on broomsticks in flight,

Goblins and sprites in dark corners unseen, threads of mischief do spin on this night; Halloween,

Finally the clock in the hall announces midnight is here and the tricksters bid farewell and disappear till next year.

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  1. So impressed with this prose. I thought I’d already left a comment but, obviously I hadn’t. Quite a talent here, I really wouldn’t know where to begin.

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